Emotional Quotient(EQ)

About Us

JIYes learning institute is a not for profit organization. JIYES acronyms for Jawahar Intigrated Youth Emotional Strengths. The institute is setup to enhance positive personality traits of empathy, self control,self confidence,team work,achievement, orintation and effective communication in Youths for their best performance and career progression.

All Around Well-Being

1. Physical well-being

Physical well-being is about active lifestyle to get the most out of our daily activities without any fatigue or physical strees.

2. Emotional well-being

Emotional well-being is about our ability to succesfully handle our stresses and to adapt the changes and cope with the difficult times.

3. Mental well-being

Mental well-being is about relaxed mind and feeling good-about ourself and about the world around us.

4. Social well-being

social well-being is about developing and maintaining healthy relationships and having meaningful intractions with people around us.

Factors that Influence Human Behaviour

Bride side:-
Positive Personality traits of the human behaviour create in their Bright Side and that are seen when people are at their best
1. Openness:-
Openness is the tendency to be intellectually curious, imaginative; creative, risk taking; culcutrally fit; and open to consider new changes.  People of this type also tend to have wide  scope of interests and willing to adapt unfamiliar situations.
2. Uprightness:-
Uprightness is the tendency to behave in an organized and thoughtful ways. People of this tendency also have the qualites of achievement striving;challenge & determination; deliberation; dutifulness and planning.
3. Forwardness :-
Forwardness is the tendency  to be enthusiastic and outgoing.  Tendency to seek company of others and have qualites  of assertiveness; preference for fast paced work; attentive listening;proactiveness and communicative.
4. Agreeableness:-
Agreeableness is the tendency to get well along with others. To prioritize and constructively address other’s needs. This type of people also have the qualites of social conscience; compliance, forgiveness; empathy and self-effacement.
5. Emotional  Stability:-
To remain  emotionally stable and  balanced to not lose their sanity in stressful situations; to stay grounded not panic; to remain optimistic to avoid naysayers and strive for success. To take steps to better themself in their self regard:-

Record of stable emotions

 a) . Contented :-
Having Everything I Need; Not competing or Comparing; An Attitude of Gratitude; Great work life Balance; Accepting Myself and Others.
b) .Delighted :-
Success from completing tasks; Starting Something New; Resolving a conflict; Finding joy in little things; Ability to find solutions.
c) .Powerful:-
Recover quickly from tough situations; I adapt & adjust willingly; I am always happy and relaxed; Meditating every day; Having no addiction and dependency.
 d) .Enthusiastic:-
I have a sense of appreciation for life; I am committed to everything I do; My never give up Attitude; Always keen to explore and learn; I am self-driven.
 e) .Passionate :-
I pursue meaningful goals; Determined to succeed, I make no compromises; I always give my best; I do only what is right.
 f) .Energetic :-
My healthy sleep habits; My healthy eating habits; Rightthinking always; I do not gossip; I limit my daily screen time.
g) .  Happy:-
Spending time with family and friends; Enjoying my work; I do not think of the past or future; Having no complaints or regrets; I do not criticize people.
 h).  Comfortable:-
Maintaining good health; Having everything I want; Being punctual always; Earning more than I need; Great weather.
 i) .Satisfied:-
My healthy life style; Achieving my goals; Discharging duties responsibly; My relationships are good; Happy about my self- transformation.
Faith in my abilities; Constantly upgrading skills & talents; Supportive people around me; Been largely successful; Am Calm In every situation.
 k). Compassionate :-
I meditate daily; I am light & easy; I understand people; I share & care; I accept people as they are.
 l). Successful :-
I achieve my goals; Receiving people appreciation; Helping people selflessly; I lead a contented life; I have beautiful relationships.
 m). Relaxed:-
Things are going fine& smooth; Have people who love and support me; Happy with all that I have; I take it easy; Feel in control of situations.
 n).  Caring:-
I discharge responsibilities well; I understand people’s needs; I am kind to everyone; I care selflessly; I take care of myself.
 o).  Humble :-
Seeing Goodness in all; I appreciate everyone; I need no appreciation; I am not superior or inferior to anyone. I lead a simple life.
 p).  Affectionate:-
I am always there for people; I extend a helping hand; I think right and speak right people; I love everyone; I have no expectations.
 q). Respectful :-
I am stable always; No pretense or falsehood; I speak what is on my mind; I share my opinion respectfully; I am non-judgmental.
 r). Thankful:-
My life is beautiful; People take care of me; Satisfied with my career and personal life; I have more than my needs. Gratitude is my Attitude.
Dark side:-
Dark Personality Traits are stable characteristics of a person when triggered, lead to the display of undesirble, counterproductive and destructive behaviour, the have a negative impact on surronding people(friends,family,co-workers or customers). The main traits of this type of people are:-opportunism; selfobsession; insensitivity; temperamental; impulsiveness and thrill-seeking.
1. Opportunism:-
Opportunism is the Tendency to be deceitful and manipulative. Tendency to process cynical or negative outlook towards intentions of others.This type of people are ambitious;competitive and greedy.
2. Self-Obsession:-
Self-obsession is the tendency to processes an inflated sense of self, accompained by a fragile self esteem which makes the person vulnerable to criticism. This type of people conceited;attention-seeker and dramatizer.
3. Insensitivity:-
People inable insensitivity to understand other’s pain,suffering and perspective.This type of people are  logical prefer rational desicion making even if it hurts others,inconsiderate is unaffected by others emotions;revels in others misery.
4. Temperamental:-
Temperament is the tendency to become angry at the slightest provocation, feeling and engaging in anger related emotions pervaively and persistenty.This type of people assertive;volatile;violent.
5.  Impulsiveness:-
Impulsiveness is the tendency to act on a whim,displaying behavior characterizedby little or no forethought,reflection, or consideration of the consequences. This type of people spontaneous;careless and rash.
6.Thrill-seeking :-
Thrill-seeking tendency to do activities filled with experiences and thrill-seeking unusual sensations perceived as risky but rewarding.This type of people excitable,adventurous and daredevil.
Emotion of unstability
a) . Sad:-
I owe something to others; I am missing someone; I failed; People don’t co- operate; I cannot understand people.
b). Hurt:-
Being ignored; Being taken for Granted; Lack of Appreciation; Re-living painful memories faced Betrayal.
c).  Disappointed:-
Not having faith in myself; Not achieving my Goals; People letting me down; Many unmet expectations; Nothing seems to be right.
d) . Stressed:-
Unable to forgive or forget; Inability to meet deadlines; Health not supporting me enough. Struggling to please everyone; No time for myself.
e).  Hopeless:-
Looking at myself as a failure; People around me have little or no faith in me;Going through Chaos; I cannot trust people; Everything is going wrong.
g).  Angry:-
Being misunderstand; Did not get what I deserve; Making an avoidable mistake; People do not follow instructions; Situation are not my way.
h) . Annoyed :-
Repeating my mistakes; Witnessing exploitation; Being judged or criticized; Seeing people under-perform; Witnessing unethical practices.
i) .  Frustrated:-
Frustrated – Waiting for issues to get resolved; Feeling stuck in life; People being unethical; People not understanding me; Seeing my loved ones suffer.
j).  Aggressive:-
Being Exploited; Facing injustice; Wanted to control people; Failing repeatedly; Needing Attention.
k).  Impatient:-
People are late; People do not perform; Struck in traffic; Not achieving results; People do not obey.
 l). Hateful:
Facing injustice; Tolerating abuse; Feeling jealous of someone; Not being loved; Being cheated.
Cognitive side:-
Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills one needs to process any activity, be it simple or complex. It is more  of the ability to comprehend ,to understand and benefit as a matter of fact. The main traits are:- language & comprehension; logical & critical reasoning; problem solving and decision making. The way things are perceived, the strategic thinking, the decision making abilities, all these also form the substratum of how people behave. It could be divided into two categories:-
Fluid Intelligence

The ability to perceive things, absorb and retain new information to tackle issues in novel circumstances. The core competencies used to measure this are Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Visual Reasoning.

Crystal Intelligence:-

The capacity to recover and utilize data obtained over a lifetime or leveraging the acquired knowledge to perform tasks. The core competencies used to measure this are Language & Comprehension ,Logical & Critical Reasoning , Problem Solving and Decision Making.

X-Factors side:-
Althrough the dark and bright sides from a significant part of human personality, yet there are several other factors, which we call The x-factors, that act as catalysts and affect the intended human behaviour. The main traits are:-nature; nurture;  upbringng ; motivation and values.
1.Nature :-
This is pre-wiring and is affected by biological factors, basically the hereditary legacy or the genetic inheritance.
2. Nurture :-
This is the impact produced from external factors, for example, the experience, acquired knowledge, learning or exposure of a person.
3. Upbringng:-
Kids like are sponges-they tend to learn and demonstrate behaviors that their parents portray. They can be seen in positive & negative behaviors they display.
4. Motivation:-
The way Soliders behave totally unique and outstanding. The joy of meeting their loved ones after winning the battle and love for one’s country keeps them pumped to behave accordingly even in the hardest situations.
5. Values :-
If we think of an organization as a decision- making body, then values establish the relationship between decisions and what happens and what happens consequently. They grow gradually over time subject to an individual’s social and psychological development.